Tourist Spots

Goa is home to over 100km of coastline, which is dotted with hundreds of beautiful and picturesque beaches. Each one has an identity of its own.

The beaches of AnjunaBagaCalangute & Vagator on Goa’s northern coast, not only offer a sandy oasis, but also appeal to your inner party animal. The legendary nightclubs and shacks along these beaches are perfect if you are looking for high energy during your stay.

Further north one can find the more idyllic and unassuming beach havens, like Morjim & Arambol. Far from the buzz of the rest of the world, these hotspots are ideal for those looking to spend some time away from the fast pace of the world and reconnect with themselves or even a loved one. Romance and bliss for everyone.

The famous Baga beach is the heart of Goa with its lively shacks and perennial parties. During the day, there are plenty of water sports to keep your adrenaline going. Jet skiing, para sailing and the Banana Boat are just a few. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to brighten up the evenings and bring out the party animal in you. Baga can get crowded at times, so one must be careful at all times to keep unwanted attention at bay.

If you are not looking for something so up tempo, you can always head north to the beaches of Morjim & Vagator. With their serene and calm surroundings, you can unwind and not be bothered by large crowds. Morjim is one of the most inviting beaches, while Vagator is known for its black sand and rockier terrain.

Further north, the beaches of Ashvem & Arambol provide an oasis to tourists looking for something unique. The fresh water lake in Arambol borders the edge of a forest, fraught with fresh water springs, flora & fauna.

Aside from its dramatic beaches and gypsy markets, Goa has many other enchantments.

Wildlife sanctuaries
Blessed with incredible natural beauty, the rolling hills of Goa provide the setting for wildlife within the state. Four wildlife sanctuaries protect birds, wild boar, monkeys, peacocks, Indian bison, and various snake & deer species. These are the Bondla, Bhagwan Mahaveer, Cotigao & Dr. Salim Ali wildlife sanctuaries.

Churches & Temples
Old Goa is literally bursting at the seams with cultural exuberance. The majestic churches and cathedrals pay homage to Goa’s Portuguese ancestry, which was a wealthy and thriving one. Among its most famous churches is the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is home to the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

One can find remains of Goa’s Hindu heritage in the district of Ponda with its ancient temples hidden away in its rustic paths. The most famous would be the temples of Shri Manguesh and Shri Mahalsa.

Dolphin Watching
Take a fishing boat trip from Candolim beach with the locals to sail side by side with nature’s friendliest sea dwellers, the dolphins. The tropical Goan sea provides ideal living conditions for these creatures, and makes for an interesting morning sail.

Spice Plantations
Discover how pepper grows, cardomom, tamarind and all the other spices you only see in packages in the supermarket. The highlight of the tour is to see the men climb the Betul Nut trees, over a hundred feet above the ground, swaying from branch to branch.

With its open sea, tranquil rivers & lush surroundings, Goa makes the perfect destination for a relaxing cruise, be it along the river or sea. The river cruises are a thrilling experience of the unexplored Goa. River cruises are available in several options like Sun Set Cruise, Night Cruise and the Full Moon Cruise. The cruises allow you to see Goa like never before. Glimpse historical monuments like the Aguada Fort, Reis Magos Church, the Reis Magos Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan. You can also watch traditional Goan dance like Fugdi and Shigmo from the decks. A dolphin Cruise in the Ocean brings you closer to nature, with the dolphins happily swimming alongside your boat while entertaining you with their playful antics. The Full Moon cruise takes you to an altogether different world. Enjoy the night skies of Goa, which is an enjoyable experience.

Goa’s finest casinos are usually on board cruises and offer games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps. Some of the famous casinos on land are Cicade de Goa Beach Resort and Casino at Dona Paula, Las Vegas – the Gaming Club Leela Palace Hotel, Treasures Casino Majorda beach resort.