Where is Rockheart located?
Rockheart is located upon the sands of the Candolim beach, in the village of Annavado, a few minutes taxi ride from the all the best Goan hotspots. Candolim is located in north Goa, about 9 miles from the capital city of Panjim.

How do I get to Rockheart?
From Dabolim Airport, [45 kms from Rockheart] you head towards Panjim. From Panjim you go on the main Chogum Highway till you reach a tall water tank on your left, which is opposite a Restaurant called O’coquerio. At that junction you turn left. Keep going straight till you come to Calangute Church. Here you turn left and keep going straight till you come to St. Anthony’s chapel, keep going straight [this is the same road that takes you to The Fort Aguada]. You will now see Oxford Bookstore and a store called Malini’s on your right. Keep going straight, you will pass a small temple on your right. After that you will come to Dr. Dukle’s Clinic on your right and Bob’s Inn Bar on your left. You take a Right onto the lane opposite Bob’s Inn Bar towards Sonesta Inn. Once you reach a sign saying ‘Saudades’ turn right onto the fork in the road onto the dirt road. After about 100 meters, you will be on asphalt road again. Turn left and head straight towards the beach. At the end of the road you have arrived at Rockheart.

How do I get around in Goa?
Once in Goa, you can choose various modes of transport. You can hire a car or a bike if you have an international or domestic driver’s license. You can also use the numerous taxis found all over to get around.

What are the essential items to carry with me to Goa?
Goa’s climate is tropical and the lighter the clothing, the better. Swimsuits are a must as are comfortable shoes or sandals. A light shawl is sufficient for the nights during the winter months.
One must also remember to carry a strong sunscreen for the days and a good mosquito repellent for the balmy nights.

What are the languages spoken?
English is spoken all over as well as the national language Hindi & the local dialect, Konkani.

Is there any medical help in the neighbourhood?
Help is always available nearby. The local doctor, Dr. Dukle & the nearby Bosio hospital can be contacted for a medical emergency.

Are there any reputed hospitals in Goa?
Goa has better health facilities for its size as compared to the rest of India. Vasco da Gama has a good private hospital, the Salgaocar Medical Research Center. The other towns of Mapusa and Margao are served by district hospitals, namely the Asilo Hospital in Mapusa and the Hospicio Hospital in Margao. The famed Apollo Hospital is also located in Goa.

Is there internet access in Goa?
We have provided free WiFi internet in the home. Other than this, there are Internet cafes scattered all over Goa. The charges are variable. Expect to pay about 1 Indian rupee for every minute of use.

Does Goa have a different time zone from the rest of India?
The whole of India has one time zone including Goa. It is commonly referred to as IST or the Indian Standard Time. The IST is GMT+ 5 and 1/2 hours.

Will my electrical appliances work in Goa & India?
Only if it runs on 220V. If you come from a country with 110V standard, please get a conversion kit. Since there is wide fluctuation in voltage in India, you are advised to use a voltage stabilizer to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Is alcohol freely available in Goa?
Certainly! Goa stocks all varieties of alcohol and is known for its locally brewed alcohol, Feni, which is distilled from two sources, Cashew fruits and Coconuts.

What precautions should I take in Goa, to make my vacation worry free?
Since Goa is a popular tourist destination, one must be careful of pickpockets in a crowd.
If you are driving around on your own, safety must be observed since the roads are narrow & curvy.
Also, it is advisable to stay away from stray dogs you may encounter.
Always change money at a reputed bank and not from the locals.
Packaged drinking water is a must to avoid water borne diseases.
Tablets and medicine for malaria is a must thing while entering Goa. Though, the rate of malaria has reduced significantly in Goa, prevention is always advisable.
The paddy fields in Candolim are home to several snakes, which occasionally come out of the field. Always take a torch in case fields are needed to be crossed at night
Goa is notorious for drugs too. The laws for drugs are strict in every part of Goa, including Candolim. Stay away from rave parties as they might land you in serious trouble.